Ji-Yuan Iron Factory CO., LTD.

Ji-Yuan Iron Factory CO., LTD. was established in 1974. We always adhere to the principle of offering the Best Technique, Best Quality and Best Service. We provide best service and the best price for customer. Quality requirements, accurate delivery time, and we provide customize service. We can fulfill the demand from customers, and make our product more mature and perfect. Then create a Sustainable Management and Mutual Beneficial market.

" Done well on everything & Done well on every product. ", are both our responsibility and obligation. We insist 3 Lead 1 Reasonable, which is " Leading of the Service, Leading of the quality, Leading of Delivery Date, and the Reasonable Price. " The above are our obey rules and our goals that we always insist on business. Hoping Ji-Yuan can co-operate with you, and create more and better products.

Invented 6th-generation Pendulum Ball Valve Cutting Machine production, and CNC car washing laminating machine, automation equipment.
Ball valve, Brass Ball, stainless steel ball, carbon steel ball, hollow valve ball, Copper Axle, Teflon, stainless steel Handle, etc ...
Bathroom hardware accessories, fire fighting accessories, curtain hardware, modified Automobile Parts, etc ...
Self-invented invention ( reverse clock ) won the National Quality Award, Excellent Enterprise Quality Award.

We look forward to establish a good relationship with your company. We uphold the principle of Integrity Pragmatic & Innovation Professional to support your company's policy.

Professional ball valve factory, passed the ISO 9001:2000 international quality certification; pendulum ball valve cutting machine and obtained product invention patents.