Working Range

Round bars, hexagonal bars, seamless hollow rod, single-piece processing

Machining Length

0.5 - 400 mm

Machining Diameter

Round bar 2 mm ~ 50 mm
Hexagon bar 6 mm ~ 48 mm
Single processing 10 mm ~ 200 mm
Material Feature Application Industry Material Number
Aluminum Aluminium accounted for one-third of steel, and automation equipment in the transport play an important role. Aluminum non-toxic, food containers and food packaging materials such as aluminum cans, aluminum foil package ( Tetra Pak ) ... the application very much. Aircraft parts, automotive parts, medical equipment ... etc. A2011-A7075
General Steel Carbon steel, according to their carbon content can be divided into low-carbon steel, medium carbon steel; the former can be used as car body panels and protective materials, which may be required for some of the carbon content to increase by increasing the hardness to prevent wear and tear of the products. Auto parts, machinery, etc. ... 12L14、1215、1008、1015、S45C
Stainless steel SUS304 stainless steel is the most versatile of the species, due to the presence of nickel ( Ni ) so the ratio of chromium ( Cr ) steel, the more heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and possessed low strength, it is very good mechanical properties, hardening is very large, non-hardening heat treatment , non-magnetic, good strength, more flexibility not often used between the thickness of 0.4T ~ 1.0T. Household appliances, architectural, automotive parts, medical equipment, food industry, chemical industry, industrial equipment ... etc. SUS303、SUS304、SUS316
Alloy steel Is considered a great strength of steel, in particular, the depth will be used to strengthen some of the parts. Along with aircraft jet engines and spacecraft rocket engines appear. Efforts developed under high temperature deformation of steel; content of this steel alloy is even higher than stainless steel, so called super alloys. Wear parts SUS420、SUS430、SUS630、 SCM440、SCM415、SKD
Copper alloy The formation of copper alloy and other magic, its hardness and wear resistance are often higher than any of the metal alloy composition. Copper alloy in number, the most common are bronze, brass and copper-nickel alloy. These alloys are widely used, many instruments used for copper or some precision instruments. Toxic dose of copper, so copper compounds are used to kill fungi and bacteria, the second conductive line of silver ( Ag ), Guchang for wires and switches and other electrical equipment. Electrical and electronic industries, switches, terminals, locks and other materials ... Brass, bronze, beryllium copper
Titanium Titanium is light weight, high strength, high flexibility, heat resistance, low temperature performance and excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics of titanium alloy is widely used in space and aviation technology. Known as the "future of metal" is a very promising engineering materials. Titanium which is strictly controlled by impurities and adding appropriate alloying elements to achieve. The presence of impurities in titanium, a great impact on their mechanical properties, especially interstitial impurities ( oxygen, nitrogen, carbon ) can greatly improve the strength of titanium, but the plastic will reduce, titanium as a structural material with good mechanical properties. Maritime industry, watches, artificial plants teeth / braces, artificial bone, astronautics industry, jewelry, bicycles, golf equipment ... etc. Titanium, industrial titanium, TI-6al-4v